Ante Up b/w Ante Up (RMX) (7 Inch)


Mash Out Posses' certified street banger "Ante Up" on 7" for the first time ever? Yes!

Everything fit this song perfect, the intro, the incredible DR Period beat, Fame and Billy Danzes catchy as hell hook and countless quotable “Hol’ dat”. M.O.P had already cemented themselves as the streets #1 pick but this right here was the atomic bomb. It was followed by an equally amazing full length Warriorz that would go on to be one of their finest pieces of work. Now in most cases when there is an anthem such as big as this, a remix usually pales in comparison, it’s just simple math. However in the case of “Ante UP” the remix almost trumps the original with an EPIC first verse from Busta Rhymes that just brings this to a whole new level. The remix also Features Remy Ma (“Wish I could bring Pun Back”) and new comer Teflon. There a few songs in the post 2000 era that has this kind of staying power, and being an immediate smash. I knew it would go on to greatness, I think the first time Funkmaster Flex played this song he cut up just intro for about 40 minutes straight. Starts shipping first week of July.

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