Liquid Swords Wood Block Print (1of 5)


Last year we released a limited edition Liquid Swords "Battle Scene" Wood Block prints. Only 100 were made and are hand numbered. At the time of the initial release we only put 90 up on the site for sale (holding 10 back for damaged or missing product).
Over the past year we have had people emailing us asking if any were available and since we are in between a few big releases we figure it was a good time to put the remaining blocks up. To be clear these 5 are from the initial 100 we did last year, not a reprint.

This 18" x 18" wood block is based on the album's "Battle Scene" visuals which were included in Liquid Swords' original album packaging. These wood blocks are screen printed by AntiDesigns, with a deluxe resin finish by Josh Falk. This resin finish adds a nice texture to the wood block, giving it a glass-like look. The process is quite involved, first with Jay (AntiDesigns) making the screen and hand printing each block while Josh pours the clear, colorless liquid resin over the wood, adding flame to cast it permanently. These are hand-numbered and limited to 100.

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