Go Bang (12 Inch)

Dinosaur L

Released on Dinosaur L's 1981 album 24-24 Music, Go Bang! quickly became a favorite at David Mancuso’s Loft and Larry Levan’s
Paradise Garage. However the original mix on the LP did not fare as well with other Disc Jockeys, who found it too complex for
the dance floor. As the album sales began to slow down, Will Socolov and Arthur enlisted François Kevorkian to remix the track
for the 12-inch release. Dissatisfied with the initial mix, on the grounds that “The multitrack was an absolute, utter, and total
mess,”, Kevorkian completed the mix on borrowed time at Right Track Studios, turning in what would become one of the most
celebrated remixes of the era. Connecting the dots in Arthur Russell’s wild web of sounds, and freeform experimentation, the
result of Francois K.'s mix is a dubbed out version that organized the ideas for an ultimate dancing experience. One can only
imagine what this would have sound on a Richard Long system.

And then there was the unreleased mix by Walter Gibbons. Gibbons remixed “Go Bang!” during scrambled together hours at Blank Tapes and, although the stretched out result lacked the dramatic dynamism of Kevorkian's tighter earlier remix, his epic version retained the freestyle spirit of the original sessions.

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