Off The Books (7 Inch)

The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts “Off the Books” became one of the biggest records of ’97 with the Nuts just sticking to their formula, dusty ass beats and funny punchlines. These elements are what made Off The Books”extra special in a time when the “shiny suit era” was rearing it’s shiny head. The Beatnuts bring along Big Pun who opens up the track with such a memorable verses, introducing the world to what brilliance Pun would have in store. Les and Juju (along with Cuban Linx) all ride the song out with “shoot bro, I got a waterproof suit yo” and “your career’s on life support, and Imma pull the plug”, just countless quotable lines from an already legendary group. The cut’s infectious nature makes this a must-have 7” for any DJ or collector. First time available on 7

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7" Vinyl