Ironman (Gold Disc CD)

Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah Ironman Premium Collection: "Gold Edition" Includes:
- 24k Audiophile Gold Disc (the CD itself is embedded with 24-karat gold) housed in a "Cherrywood Trophy Box" with a gold IRONMAN plaque
- 48-page full color hard cover book, including extended artwork, album lyrics and text written by Chris Faraone

Get on Down is proud to present our second release in the Premium Gold Disc Collection with Ghostface Killah's debut album, Ironman. As always these releases are limited, in this case to 2,000 copies in total. Re-mastered and given the loving deluxe reissue touch that we strive to maintain, it's time to give Ironman another listen, and put it up on your trophy shelf where it belongs.

By the time Hip-Hop had ambled its way into 1996, one fact was undeniable: the Wu-Tang Clan was not only here to stay, but - amazingly - still gaining steam with each solo release. And not only on the dopeness scale: this was a fact commercially as well. To wit: Ghostface Killah's debut, Ironman, entered at # 2 on the Billboard charts in late October and was gold by early '97.

Rarely has a producer in any musical genre been more on fire than Rza during this era, and with his wide-ranging work on Ironman he refused to let up on quality, even as he was clearly being stretched with an otherworldly workload.

Like Raekwon's Only Built for Cuban Linx album in 1995, Ironman is a "co-billed" effort, with the artist title marquee listed as : Ghostface Killah featuring Raekwon and Cappadonna. Rae and Cappadonna aren't the only collaborators here: Method Man, Rza, Inspectah Deck, U God, Masta Killah all make appearences, while the queen of Hip Hop soul Mary J Blige guests on one track. Even more interestingly, Ghost brought along classic R&B legends The Delphonics for a track, while fellow Staten Island natives and Hip Hop/R&B veterans Force MD's lace the ferocious "Daytona 500" hook. With Ironman there was one end goal : to create a classic.

As writer Chris Faraone states in the included liner notes book: "Ironman is absolutely special for the young, starving artist that Ghost presents himself as. On smoke shows like "Poisonous Darts", he's boxing every man in sight, throwing haymakers through the final bell."

Ironman displays Ghost's vast musical range, as he can go effortlessly from raw uncut bangers such as "Fish" and "Winter Warz" to the heartfelt "All That I Got Is You (Feat. Mary J Blige) to the introspective "Motherless Child". Simply stated by Faraone about Ironman : "Ghost earned a well-deserved rep as the Wu's most versatile stylist, and as a rare rap artist who's not afraid to appear vulnerable or pull heartstrings".

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