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Beat Box 909 Flexi (7" Flexi-Disc)

Beat Box 909 Flexi (7" Flexi-Disc)

Beat Box
This unique release detailing the history of the TR-909 is excerpted from the upcoming coffee table book by one of America’s foremost collector of drum machines, Joe Mansfield. This special 20 page book filled with original advertising, technical specs and tons of photos will delight collectors and music fans alike.

Included are two flexi-discs, one clear and one orange, featuring the sounds of the TR-909,
narrated by the great Schoolly D, with cuts by DJ 7L. Also included are instrumental remakes of Schoolly D’s hits P.S.K. and Gucci Time, created with the 909 pictured here.

“Created by Japanese engineer Tadoa Kikumoto in 1984, this is the quintessential drum machine of House and Techno music. The 909 is an analog and sample based machine equipped with MIDI and DIN Sync controls. Sounds included in the 909’s drum kit are snare drum, bass drum, bass drum, hi-hit, cymbal, handclap, high rack tom, mid rack tom, floor tom and rim shot. The analog circuitry allows the user some flexibility to manipulate these sounds. The 909 is fully programmable, and like its predecessor, the TR-808, it can store entire songs and not only patterns. Its built-in 16 step sequencer would go on to revolutionize the way dance music was to be produced, though this was not planned at it’s inception.

In Hip Hop, the TR-909 was most famously used by Schoolly D, as well as famed producers like Kurtis Mantronik.”

- Joe Mansfield from “Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession”
  • $19.98

  • Beat Box 909 Flexi (7" Flexi-Disc)


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