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Bill Plummer & The Cosmic Brotherhood (CD)

Bill Plummer & The Cosmic Brotherhood (CD)

Bill Plummer & The Cosmic Brotherhood
Long thought to be lost to only the most industrious of crate diggers, Bill Plummer's 1968 album Bill Plummer & the Cosmic Brotherhood makes its triumphant return on Get On Down for the first time ever on compact disc. Already an accomplished jazz bassist at the time of the album's release, Bill Plummer turned heads on the Cosmic Brotherhood with a heavy Eastern and psychedelic influences that challenged contemporary ideas about jazz. Original compositions like “Journey to the East” and “Arc 294” are colored by striking sitar sounds, rhythmic chanting and melodic improvisation, while Plummer lends his distinctive touch to songs by The Byrds (“Lady Friend”) and Burt Bacharach (“The Look of Love”). The result is an album that reflects a musician at the peak of his creative powers, unafraid to explore new ideas and sounds that meld into a cohesive, spectacular album. After decades languishing in obscurity, Get On Down is proud to present Bill Plummer & the Cosmic Brotherhood as it was intended to be heard, with a brilliant new digital audio transfer from the original masters.
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  • Bill Plummer & The Cosmic Brotherhood (CD)


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