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Cold Chillin In The Studio Live (CD)

Cold Chillin In The Studio Live (CD)

The Original Jazzy Jay
The Original Jazzy Jay was one of the first to bring Hip Hop music to the airwaves, on KISS FM in NYC in the early 80s. With the Jazzy 5, he recorded the hit single Jazzy Sensation and was propelled to stardom when he co-produced the seminal hit Planet Rock with Afrika Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force. Jazzy Jay also played the role of club DJ in the Hip Hop classic Beat Street and also appeared on the movies soundtrack. Jazzy Jays role as an originator continued when he founded Def Jam records along with Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons. While with Def Jam, Jazzy worked with such artists as LL Cool J, The Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy. Jazzy Jay also produced the third Def Jam 12 in 1985 called Def Jam b/w Cold Chillin In The Spot with Russell Simmons on vocals. Jay furthered his producing and engineering skills when he founded Jazzy Jays Studio, providing a place where Fat Joe, Brand Nubian, A Tribe Called Quest, among others could begin their careers. Jazzy than began a new label with Rocky Bucano- Strong City records was born.

Strong City produced a multitude of hits with Ice Cream Tee, The Masters of Ceremony, Busy Bee, and Don Baron and of coarse Cold Chillin In the Studio Live. This underground classic contains some of the hottest MCs, DJs and producers of the era including DJ Jazzy Jay himself, Tony-D (Poor Righteous Teachers, YZ), DJ Grand Wizard Theodore, The Ultimate Force (feat. Master Rob a young pre-DITC Diamond D!) and many more. The Diamond D produced Im The King featured the first appearance ever of Lord Finesse!!! The entire album has that old school, Bronx 88-89 flavor that Jazzy Jay created and the Diggin In The Crates crew perfected. The album also includes the classic singles Im Not Playing, by the Ultimate Force and Back To The Lab by Tony D.
  • $9.98

  • Cold Chillin In The Studio Live (CD)
  • Cold Chillin In The Studio Live (CD)
  • Cold Chillin In The Studio Live (CD)


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