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Fear Of A Black Planet (LP)

Fear Of A Black Planet (LP)

Public Enemy

*This LP is only available to order domestically via media mail and currently not available for export outside the continental United States. 


A1. Contract On The World Love Jam (Instrumental)
A2. Brothers Gonna Work It Out
A3. 911 Is A Joke
A4. Incident At 66.6 FM (Instrumental)
A5. Welcome To The Terrordome
A6. Meet The G That Killed Me
A7. Pollywanacraka
A8. Anti-N*gger Machine
A9. Burn Hollywood Burn (feat. Big Daddy Kane & Ice Cube)
A10. Power To The People

B1. Who Stole The Soul?
B2. Fear Of A Black Planet
B3. Revolutionary Generation
B4. Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man
B5. Reggie Jax
B6. Leave This Off Your Fu*kin' Charts (Instrumental)
B7. B Side Wins Again
B8. War At 33 1/3
B9. Final Count Of The Collision Between Us And The Damned (Instrumental)
B10. Fight The Power (feat. Branford Marsalis)

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  • Fear Of A Black Planet (LP)


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