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Crushed Grapes (LP)

Crushed Grapes (LP)

AG Da Coroner

After the Fall comes the Winter. Ag Da Coroner serves the masses a splendid offering, an aperitif in the form of "Crushed Grapes". An intoxicating 9 song EP that breathes the streets of New York. The orchestral back drop is carefully conducted by the maestro ATG. The featured voices come from Ag's closest collaborators and help lend additional layers to the robust make up of the project. All this is to wet the pallet, to challenge the senses and ready the mind for "Sip the Nectar" this winter. Enjoy Friends. It was all made for you.


A1. Welcome To My World
A2. Problem (feat. Lord Nez)
A3. Not Gonna Cry
A4. Ghetto Love (feat. Lord Nez & M. Reck)
A5. Luca Brasi (Sleep)

B1. Stars Are Born (feat. M. Reck)
B2. What We Have (feat. Meyhem Lauren)
B3. Live From The Cheeta (feat. Lord Nez, Nutso, Spit Gemz, Realm Reality & Termanology)
B4. NY Never Left

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  • Crushed Grapes (LP)


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