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Physics of Filth (LP)

Physics of Filth (LP)

Daniel Son x Asun Eastwood x Futurewave

Long time collaborators and Brown Bag Money representatives Daniel Son, Asun Eastwood and Futurewave team up on an incredible plateau of grimy hip-hop on their full-length “Physics Of Filth”. Joined only by Black Nazi and Da Cloth’s own Mooch, the gang delivers 14 tracks of raw raps straight from the gutter, surgically delivered over Futurewave’s obscure productions to create a legendary modern classic. Featuring exclusive revisited vinyl artwork by roman tattoo artist Claudio Scialabba.

1. Go To Church
2. Snake Oil
3. Underbelly
4. Fuck You Thought
5. Barefaced Killah
6. Stove Lit
7. Baby Tech (feat. Mooch)
8. Moonwalk (feat. Black Nazi)
9. Bloody Tears
10. Physics of Filth
11. Tuscan Leather
12. Rule of Thumb
13. Legacy
14. Smack

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  • Physics of Filth (LP)


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