Da Devil's Playground (Colored 2xLP)

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Pressed on translucent green and yellow vinyl. 

*This LP is only available to order domestically via media mail and currently not available for export outside the continental United States

After the Three 6 Mafia hit album The End proved that Memphis Rap was commercially viable, DJ Paul and Juicy J released Koopsta Knicca's classic Gangsta Rap album titled, Da Devil's Playground. The album features older remixed, edited, and re-mastered solo material that was released to a small underground audience long before the rapper saw fame with Three 6 Mafia.  Now issued for the first time on vinyl by D. Evil Musik.


1 Torture Chamber 2:46
2 Crucifix 3:59
3 Ready 2 Ride 4:52
4 Robbers 3:54
5 Smoking On A J. 2:17
6 Stash Pot (Original) 4:56
7 Front A Busta 5:23
8 Judgement Nite 4:46
9 Bustaz Betta Make Way 6:02
10 Anna Got Me Clickin' 2:12
11 Now I'm Hi (Pt. 2) 4:06
12 Purple Thang 6:48
13 Stash Pot (Remix) 5:57
14 Whatcha Gonna Do 4:18
15 Talkin' 1:45


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