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Freddie King Is A Blues Master (LP)

Freddie King Is A Blues Master (LP)

Freddie King

There's a good reason why Gilmer, Texas' Freddie King was deemed one of the "Three Kings" of electric blues guitar. (Alongside B.B. King and Albert King.) The scope of his influence across innumerable guitarists and performers can be felt in the compositions of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter, and Robert Cray, to name but a few. Freddie King's music was also noteworthy for combining an open-string sound from Texas blues as well as the ripping electric sound of Chicago blues into a style that was imminently more contemporary-sounding that his peers. (He often befriended and mentored younger blues musicians.)

Freddie King's life was sadly cut short in 1976, dying of acute pancreatitis at the age of 42. His music continued to inspire however, and King himself would be named one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists by Rolling Stone Magazine. His 1969 album Freddie King Is A Blues Master shows his blues guitar prowess on full display. One of two records cut with the Cotillion label, the album prominently featured his signature technique of pairing guitar and vocal nuances together, and was produced by the legendary saxophonist and bandleader King Curtis.

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  • Freddie King Is A Blues Master (LP)


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