get on down
Keep It Thoro (7")

Keep It Thoro (7")

I break bread, ribs
Hundred dollar bills
Peel on Ducatis
And other four wheels

Those first four lines, backed by that ridiculously ill beat, slugged you in the sternum when you heard them, fifteen years ago. And they still cause involuntary, heavy head-nodding episodes to this day.

When it comes to authentic, ride-or-die hip-hop from the latter days of raps Golden Age, few crews have as much modern resonance as Mobb Deep. Featuring two double-threat MCs who also produced – Havoc and Prodigy – the crew changed the hardcore rap game in 1995 with their sophomore classic The Infamous, and went on to rule the dark corners of hip-hops over- and underground for the second half of the 90s and well into the 2000s.

With a stomping, piano-freaked backdrop laced by producer The Alchemist, Prodigy entered the 2000s with force as he debuted solo on Keep It Thoro. It was the first single off his H.N.I.C. album, and it proved to be an anthemic classic that the streets and clubs respect to this day.

Keep It Thoro is short and sweet, clocking in at just over 3 minutes. There are no wasted verses, there is no wasted time. Just hardcore rhymes that stay with you, all these years later.

This limited-edition Jukebox Series 45 is printed on black vinyl, with a picture sleeve that re-creates the original 12-inch cover. Yet another heartfelt tribute to the classic hip-hop that fans around the world have grown up on, thanks to your friends at Get On Down.
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  • Keep It Thoro (7")


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