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Memphis Unlimited (CD)

Memphis Unlimited (CD)

OV Wright
In a musical landscape filled with the likes of such as Al Green, Otis Redding, and Bobby Womack, often lost in the shuffle is the works of Overton Vertis O.V. Wright. Acclaimed among soul and blues music fans, and a legend of Southern music for his authoritative string of hits from the mid-60s to the early-70s. Tracks like Thats How Strong My Love Is, A Nickel And A Nail, and various other productions (Often with the renowned Memphis producer Willie Mitchell) have secured a lofty place in music history for O.V., and have been lasting influences on contemporary blues and soul artists like Robert Cray, and Reggie Sears. His presence has even been felt in the hip-hop world, where his tracks have been regularly sampled by Ghostface Killah, Mobb Deep, Slim Thug, and Styles P, to name a few.

Wright found himself struggling with an addiction to narcotics during the 1970s, while at the same time releasing some of his most potent and robust releases through Hi Records. Chief among them was 1973s Memphis Unlimited, which struck a solid and powerful balance between the sophisticated, polished soul of the time, and Wrights blues-centric roots. Once again produced by Willie Mitchell, Memphis Unlimited features a strong lineup of Hi Records regulars like the Memphis Horns, Andrew Love, and Wayne Jackson, providing backup to slow-burning entries like Ive Been Searching, Lost In The Shuffle, Ghetto Child, and others. The albums closer Im Going Home (To Live With God) would also go on to be sampled by hip-hop artists Common, William Cooper, and electronic producer Pretty Lights.
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  • Memphis Unlimited (CD)


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