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New Orleans (Vol. 1) (LP)

New Orleans (Vol. 1) (LP)

Preservation Hall Jazz Band
From its humble beginnings as an art gallery in the 1950s, Preservation Hall has become an indelible landmark of New Orleans thanks to a choice meeting in 1961. Philadelphia business school graduate and tuba-player Allan Jaffe had been honeymooning in New Orleans with his wife when he discovered the French Quarter, where Preservation Hall resided. The couple grew to love the French Quarter and the concerts that the hall had been hosting to drum up interest in the art gallery.

Allan Jaffe ended up staying in New Orleans, and even took on the job of managing Preservation Hall, and hosting a cavalcade of local Louisiana musicians, whose ages ranged from 60 to 90, and had been dealing with poverty and local racism. These musicians, along with Jaffe himself, would become the rotating lineup of Preservation Hall's house jazz band, and attract audiences for miles to come to the French Quarter to hear their traditional take on jazz music, eventually branching out to tour the United States, and put out records.

One of their most celebrated is their first album with Columbia Records, the 1977 album New Orleans (Vol. 1), which with a title like that it's no surprise that it wears its love for the Louisiana city on its sleeve. The 7-piece band joyously shares its take on a vareity of Dixieland standards, spirituals, and a few blues numbers. The music is simplistic and light on technical or virtuostic flair, but none of that matters to the album's players, whose infectious and revelrous spirit, and genuine love of traditional jazz can be felt through the speakers.
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  • New Orleans (Vol. 1) (LP)


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