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NY House Classics Bundle (7")

NY House Classics Bundle (7")

NY House Classics

An exclusive bundle featuring all three of Get On Down's 7" reissues of classic dance tracks from the legendary NY House scene!

Hardrive - Deep Inside


With the Masters At Work name under contract elsewhere at the peak of their career, Kenny Dope and Louie Vega had little choice but to work under other names for their Strictly Rhythm projects. Hardrive became popular, largely thanks to the iconic 'Deep Inside' vocal hook (from, Barbara Tucker's 'Beautiful People') and bass line, which helped made the track become one of House Music's most memorable hits. "Sometimes a record just manages to capture and distill the true essence of what this is all about and 'Deep Inside' is one such record, it bears all the hallmarks of golden era Masters At Work, all the signposts of what was happening in NYC's clubs in the early to mid-90's were there within its grooves. You know a record is good when it's still being, quite literally, hammered nearly 25 years later". It's no surprise even Kanye West would sample this classic to make another chart topping track! This one's a straight up essential for any self-respecting house music aficionado. Available for the first time as a 7". Original mix on the A, Dub on the Flip. You know what to do!


Aly-Us - Follow Me


If Peace, Love, Unity and Freedom are some of the pillars of house music "Follow Me" is a call to action. This vocal driven cut instantly become an anthem and one of house music's most revered songs. Although they did not release more than a dozen singles, Aly-Us made their greatest impact with the 1992 single "Follow Me." Produced by Kyle Smith and written by Smith with vocalists Eddie "Super" Lewis and William "Kaylin-X" Jennings, the deep and uplifting track became an early-'90s house classic and continues to be one of the most memorable tracks.

The Underground Solution - Luv Dancin'


Luv Dancin' is an absolutely ESSENTIAL record. The Underground Solution was one of the monikers for Roger Sanchez, one of the most prolific house music producers in the 90s. This 1990 anthem 'Luv Dancin' is a NYC deep house benchmark. Based on Arthur Russell's Disco classic 'Is it all over my face' and with elements of 'The bottle' interspersed with a deep, rolling garage bassline, dreamy keys and pads, the "S" Man crafted a timeless piece of dance music that still inspires today and is often imitated yet obviously never bettered!

  • $29.98

  • NY House Classics Bundle (7")
  • NY House Classics Bundle (7")
  • NY House Classics Bundle (7")
  • NY House Classics Bundle (7")
  • NY House Classics Bundle (7")
  • NY House Classics Bundle (7")
  • NY House Classics Bundle (7")


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