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One For All (2xLP)

One For All (2xLP)

Brand Nubian
When released at the end of 1990 Brand Nubians One For All was already a certified classic. Everyone was talking about this record months before its release, so much so that folk lore has it that the album was already Gold (sale of 500,000 units) in the streets by the time it was released(due to such heavy bootlegging). Whether or not this is true what is certain is that with One for All people couldnt wait, they needed this album, Hip Hop needed this album. Not since Public Enemy has a group brought such politically charged Raps matched with top notch production, almost changing the landscape of production at the time. The Source granted the album 5 Mics saying Brand Nubians debut overflows with creativity, originality, and straight-up talent. Even Robert Christgau of the Village Voice, whos reviews often read like a riddle gave One For All a A-. Its members, Grand Puba, Sadat X (although he came into this record as Derrick X), and Lord Jamar each bring such an originality that it secures them as being one of the greatest Hip Hop groups ever.

Long out of print on vinyl, we now have double vinyl pressing (including bonus songs Feels so Good & Brand Nubian) for a limited time!
  • $19.91

  • One For All (2xLP)
  • One For All (2xLP)
  • One For All (2xLP)


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