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Poverty's Paradise (Colored 2xLP)

Poverty's Paradise (Colored 2xLP)

Naughty By Nature

*This LP is only available to order domestically via media mail and currently not available for export outside the continental United States.

25th Annniversary Edition of Naughty By Nature's 4th studio album.  Pressed on 180 G Smoky Vinyl and Black Vinyl. 


A1 Intro Skit
A2 Poverty’s Paradise
A3 Clap Yo Hands
A4 City Of Ci-Lo
A5 Hang Out And Hustle
A6 It’s Workin’
B1 Holdin’ Fort
B2 Chain Remains
B3 Feel Me Flow
B4 Craziest
B5 Radio Skit
C1 Sunshine
C2 Webber Skit
C3 Respect Due
C4 World Go Round
C5 Klickow-Klickow
D1 Double I Skit
D2 Slang Bang
D3 Shout Out
D4 Outro
D5 Connections



  • $36.99

  • Poverty's Paradise (Colored 2xLP)


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