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Resurrection (7")

Resurrection (7")

The A-side is the Extra P remix of the song and the B-side is the Large Professor remix; both produced, of course, by the legendary Large Professor. The song was the title track to Commons sophomore album, which hit in late 1994 and these two songs have never been released together in this configuration before, on 12-inch or 7-inch.

Common (then known as Common Sense) and producer NO I.D. (who produced the album version of the song) had this to say about the song Resurrection (taken from Brian Colemans book Check the Technique):

COMMON: That was one of two singles off the album. I really felt like I was being born again, to people who werent familiar with me. I felt like I was coming up from the dead, the dead of not being heard.

NO I.D.: That was the second single. We didnt know that would be the album title at the time we recorded it. We never thought that far ahead. The video for that one was black-and-white, with some projects in there and gang signs. It was definitely the first time that some of the grittier parts of Chicago culture were put into visuals like that.

The Jukebox Series features classic hip-hop 12-Inches from the 80s and 90s, shrunk down to 7-inch size (big hole format) and complete with the original 12-inch artwork. None of the releases in the series have ever been officially issued in 7-inch configuration before.
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  • Resurrection (7")
  • Resurrection (7")
  • Resurrection (7")
  • Resurrection (7")


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