get on down
The Listening (2xLP)

The Listening (2xLP)

Little Brother

*This LP is only available to order domestically via media mail and currently not available for export outside the continental United States. 

with bonus 7 inch 


A1. Morning (feat. Chaundon)
A2. For You
A3. Speed
A4. Whatever You Say (feat. Seven)

B1. The Yo-Yo (feat. Annanora Short)
B2. Shorty On The Lookout (feat. Median)
B3. Love Joint Revisited

C1. So Fabulous (feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y. & Stacy Powell)
C2. The Way You Do It (feat. Annanora Short)
C3. Roy Lee, Producer Extraordinare (Interlude) (feat. Roy Lee Hargrove)
C4. Away From ME

D1. Nobody But You (feat. Keisha Shontelle)
D2. Home (feat. Anannora Short)
D3. Nighttime Maneuvers
D4. The Listening: Mr. Dream Merchant/Atari 2600 (feat. Chaundon & Medina)

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  • The Listening (2xLP)


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