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Ultimate Breaks & Beats 30th Anniversary Bundle (Limited to 86)

Ultimate Breaks & Beats 30th Anniversary Bundle (Limited to 86)

Get On Down
(Update) This item will begin shipping December 22nd. We have a slight delay on the printing of the shirts.

The Ultimate Breaks & Beats Bundle is limited to 86 and features:

- Limited Edition Space Man Figure (Standing 8 tall) (this character can be seen on SBR 503)
- Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Poster 11 x 17 (Only 86 made)
- Limited Edition 30th Anniversary T Shirt (Printed on Fine Cotton Blend Shirts)

In celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the legendary Ultimate Breaks & Beats series we teamed up with Breakbeat Lou for this limited offering.

Breaks or breakbeats first emerged in the formative days of the early 1970s, when a DJ in the Bronx, New York named Kool Herc popularized a sound based around the hard funk drums of James Brown. Herc kept the dancefloor jumping by isolating parts of the records with the breakdown?-?typically in the form of a percussion solo. Since these sections would always generate the most excitement from the dancers, why not continue the energy using two copies of the record? Hercs cutting-edge practice of extending the break led to the emergence of break boys (aka b-boys), who would take the opportunity to showcase their best dance moves during these passages, hence the term break dancing.

This brilliantly effective DJ technique continued to evolve, as pioneers such as Afrika Bambaataa drew a big following with obscure, funky records that no one else thought to play. Grandmaster Flash mastered the technical aspects of the form, advancing the art of playing the same section of a song endlessly on two turntables?-?allowing MCs to keep the crowd entertained by chanting phrases over the beats.

While James Brown songs provided a rich source of tight, hard grooves to loop and rhyme over, the rapidly developing sound of hip-hop demanded innovation on an almost weekly basis, creating a huge demand for fresh breaks and catchy drums producers could manipulate. Enter Lenny Roberts (R.I.P), a Bronx-based music aficionado, and in 1986 he created the Ultimate Breaks & Beats series with his editing partner Lou Flores aka Breakbeat Lou.

- Taken from Robbie Ettelsons Cuepoint Article Ultimate Breaks & Beats: An Oral History

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  • Ultimate Breaks & Beats 30th Anniversary Bundle (Limited to 86)
  • Ultimate Breaks & Beats 30th Anniversary Bundle (Limited to 86)
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