get on down
This Is The Way You Do The Break Dance (7")

This Is The Way You Do The Break Dance (7")

Super Coper & Clarence Breakers
Get On Down kicks it old school with the latest installment in the Get On Down 7” series.. First issued in 1984 on Peter Brown’s Georgia Peach imprint in conjunction with Clarence Music this Hip Hop/Electro gem has never been available as a 7” single, until now. Back in the day break dancing was everywhere, from the street corner to the suburbs from records to television, breakin’ helped elevate Hip Hop from a region to a national phenomena. Super Coper breaks down how you break dance over a thick Electro synth bass line with a beat heavy on 808s and hand claps. “Hip hop rock ya don’t stop”, Get On Down and show some respect for one of the essential elements of Hip Hop with this destine to be collectible reissue.
  • $8.98

  • This Is The Way You Do The Break Dance (7")


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