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Eto Brigante (Cassette)

Eto Brigante (Cassette)



Dark Pink Shell

"Eto Brigante" is the one and only time Rochester's favorite son has done a concept album. The featureless affair is based on the classic gangster film "Carlito's Way," as song titles like "Benny Blanco Club Scene" and "David Kleinfeld" make abundantly clear. Eto adapts the key scenes of the movie into rhyme in a way that only he can. The hardbody beats are handled by underground go-to's like V Don, Trox, Chup The Producer, MichaelAngelo, and more.


Art by CEP

Side A:
A1. Walberto
A2. Pool Hall Scene
A3. Training
A4. Old Hunnits
A5. Lalin Scen

Side B:
B1. Smoke Break Intermission
B2. David Kleinfeld
B3. Benny Blanco Club Scene
B4. Button Up
B5. Ending Scene Skit
B6. The Last Call

    • $14.98

    • Eto Brigante (Cassette)
    • Eto Brigante (Cassette)
    • Eto Brigante (Cassette)


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