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My First Brick (CD)

My First Brick (CD)

Benny The Butcher

One of Benny's earliest pieces of work "My First Brick" is without a doubt one of his best efforts to date, perfectly showcasing the grimy street sound that helped him carve his name as one of today's top-tier MC's together with his Black Soprano Family and GXFR entourage. Featuring legendary tracks with Conway, Westside Gunn, 38 Spesh and several others.


Me & Doug
My Struggle (feat. Bentlee)
Tom Ford Socks (feat. Westside Gunn, Conway)
Dirty Needles (feat. Conway)
All I Kno (feat. Lo Pro & Rick Hyde)
Just Like Rome
3 Missiles (feat. 38 Spesh, Conway)
Bible On The Coffee Table
Prayer Hands

  • $17.98

  • My First Brick (CD)
  • My First Brick (CD)
  • My First Brick (CD)
  • My First Brick (CD)


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