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Sacred Psalms (CD)

Sacred Psalms (CD)

ElCamino x 38 Spesh

Much like Benny The Butcher, ElCamino is just as associated with 38 Spesh’s TRUST movement as he is with Griselda. So it should come as no surprise that Camino and Spesh’s phenomenal Martyr’s Prayer project from 2019 was only the first of many joint albums to come. Their follow-up, Sacred Psalms, is not a sequel but instead a new chapter in the story of Camino’s rise. The album features standout tracks like Hustle Like Me, What I Be On, and Camino Season, but make no mistake, the whole LP is high grade dope. 


1. Hammers On The Hip
2. The Avenue
3. Hold You Up
4. Don’t Know
5. Hustle Like Me
6. What I Be On
7. Left Me Hangin'
8. Camino Season
9. If You Want It (Remix)

  • $15.98

  • Sacred Psalms (CD)
  • Sacred Psalms (CD)
  • Sacred Psalms (CD)
  • Sacred Psalms (CD)


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