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Cypress Hill (LP)

Cypress Hill (LP)

Cypress Hill

When Cypress Hill came with their debut they made an immediate spark that captivated the Hip Hop audience, critics and then the world. Led by B-Real with his nasal, singsong delivery and Sen Dog to play the perfect hypeman, Cypress debut fueled tales of revenge, revolution, recreational drug use, gangbanging, and cultural pride. Like Public Enemy before them the Production was also a key factor in what made this debut so groundbreaking. DJ Muggs was able to craft a blueprint that would change Hip Hop production with his innovative stoned out beats. Records like How I Could Just Kill a Man, Pigs, Stoned is the Way of the Walk and Hand on the Pump made this album the instant classic that it is. Since its release, the album has won acclaim as one of Rolling Stones Essential Recordings of the 90s and Top 100 Best Rap Albums by The Source magazine. Get On Down is proud to present one of the most influential and important hip-hop albums ever, Cypress Hill, in this special red vinyl release, featuring audio remastered from the original source tapes.

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  • Cypress Hill (LP)
  • Cypress Hill (LP)
  • Cypress Hill (LP)
  • Cypress Hill (LP)


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