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24 Deep (LP)

24 Deep (LP)

Brotha Lynch Hung

*This LP is only available to order domestically via media mail and currently not available for export outside the continental United States.

A west coast gangsta rap classic, 24 Deep is the debut studio EP by Sacramento rapper Brotha Lynch Hung. Orignally released in 1993. Brotha Lynch Hung is credited with creating the Horrorcore genre with his trademark "Ripgut" subgenre.  


A1 Thought They Knew (Intro) 
A2 24 Deep 
A3 Had 2 Gat Ya 
A4 The Next Hoe (Insert) 
A5 Lose A Hoe, Gain A Hoe 
B1 Back Fade 
B2 Jackin' 4 Joints
B3 Walkin' 2 My Funeral
B4 Fundamentals Of Ripgut Cannibalism (Outro)

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  • 24 Deep (LP)
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