5 Shots (CD)

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38 Spesh Pops Off ‘5 Shots’ Before The Full Assault

After an epic 2018 that included collaborative projects with Kool G. Rap, Benny The Butcher, and Joe Blow, 38 Spesh wanted to start 2019 with the assertion that he does need to share top billing with another artist to put out a classic album. He is the King of Upstate, after all. However, once he had painstakingly put together 38 Strategies of Raw, he did not want it to be overlooked in a busy February. So, he went ahead and released an EP titled 5 Shots as a sample pack, if you will. Spesh is not one to be chintzy with the fans though, so none of the 8 tracks on 5 Shots appear on 38 Strategies of Raw...they simply advertise the opus’ coming.

These aren’t just some leftovers either, we’re talking a half dozen bangers all produced by Spesh and featuring dope guests like Eto (New Crack Era), El Camino (Griselda Records), and the Queen of TCF, Che Noir. And to show he is serious about the EP, he has already released videos for both singles off the release, “Flour City” and “Smoking Gun.” The CEO of TCF don't play. Truuust!


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