74: Out of Time - Instrumentals (Clear LP)

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Housed in reverse board jackets created by acclaimed Norwegian designer, Håvard Gjelseth.

Ol’ Burger Beats’ phenomenal 2024 album, 74: Out of Time, takes on a new life with this fully instrumental release that puts the spotlight on the Norwegian producer and his crew of acclaimed local jazz composers and musicians. Stripped of its vocal guests, the album transforms into a beat tape-meets-jazz LP that’s bursting with musicality.
74: Out of Time was created out of a multifaceted hit of inspiration. In addition to recalling the vibes and sounds of the year 1974, every track was produced at 74 beats per minute. As for the “Out of Time” element, it fast forwards the music to the present, when we’re all living through a time of such tension—and when release is something we all need. That release can arrive in many forms, but it’s perhaps most potent when you can hear and feel it, like with this album. Tension also plays a major role in jazz music. Players often build towards a moment of dissonance with the goal of hitting a release and, often, blowing the minds of anyone listening. There’s bits of that on 74: Out of Time as well, thanks to Burger and the incredible crew he assembled.
Bandcamp was quick to recognize the talents on display here in their write-up of the album. “Ol’ Burger Beats’s sample-centric production is enhanced by select infusions of live instruments, including saxophone, flute, and trombone,” wrote Philip Mlynar.
Specifically, the record features trumpeter Kristoffer Eikrem, trombonist Sigurd Draagen, saxophonist Guy Sion, and vocalist/flutist Née Pauline. You can get a stunning dose of how well they play together on opening track “Free Form,” which features Draagen, Pauline and Eikrem. They also appear on the gorgeous title track, while Eikrem, Sion and Draagen complement the Erik Andresen Quartet jazz sample on “The Last of Us.” Equally beautiful is standout track “For You,” which centers on a sample of previous collaborator and spiritual jazz legend Wendell Harrison.
Just like with the original release, there is so much to love on this instrumental version of 74: Out of Time. It also proves that we’re witnessing something really special from Ol’ Burger Beats, who’s easily one of the most gifted producers in the game today.

Side A:
A1. Free Form – Instrumental
A2. How I Live - Instrumental
A3. For The Family - Instrumental
A4. Daybreaks - Instrumental
A5. Running - Instrumental
A6. Out of Time - Instrumental
A7. Black Sabbath - Instrumental
A8. Change The World - Instrumental
Side B:
B1. Peace - Instrumental
B2. For You - Instrumental
B3. The Last Of Us - Instrumental
B4. Count Your Blessings - Instrumental
B5. PGO - Instrumental
B6. Stories - Instrumental
B7. Recuperating - Instrumental
B8. Discipline 74 (Interlude) - Instrumental
B9. Holler Back - Instrumental

“Norwegian producer Ol’ Burger Beats listens to jazz—and lots of it. His sample-heavy catalog attests to deep crates filled with the discographies of genre greats and forgotten, dust-coated gems.” -Bandcamp


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