86 Witness Deluxe (CD)

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Coalmine Records in partnership with Duck Down Music are excited to announce the deluxe edition of Sean Price & Small Professor’s collaborative album, 86 Witness. Released in a CD digipack with both the main and instrumental versions, the album boasts several packaging upgrades that include an overhaul of the originally designed cover art.

For those unfamiliar with 86 Witness, the album is a testament to both Hip-Hop's Golden Era and the unbelievable talents of Sean Price, one of the genre's biggest and best voices who was taken from us far, far too soon. His hilarious, tack-sharp rhymes are complemented by the imaginative and dusty production of Small Pro, who may just be rap's best-kept secret.

Like his previous projects, 86 Witness is brimming with classic lines and lyrical barbs from P. What's different here, however, is the depth of his references in addition to his incredible chemistry with Small Pro. From the verses to the beats, they have provided so many musical Easter eggs that each listen tips off something you've yet to discover. And that's not even mentioning the ambitious lineup of guests featuring Your Old Droog, Guilty Simpson, Rockness Monsta, Elucid, Castle, Reef the Lost Cauze, Curly Castro, Zilla Rocca, and more.


1 Bear Witness (Intro)
2 Refrigerator P
3 Latoya Jackson
4 Midnight Rounds
5 P's Theme (Interlude)
6 John Gotti
7 Think About It
8 Word To Your Mother
9 John Gotti (Philly Blunt Remix)
10 Refrigerator P (Peaky Blinders Remix)
11 Bear Witness (Intro)
12 Refrigerator P
13 Latoya Jackson
14 Midnight Rounds
15 P's Theme (Interlude)
16 John Gotti
17 Think About It
18 Word To Your Mother
19 John Gotti (Philly Blunt Remix)
20 Refrigerator P (Peaky Blinders Remix)


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