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Raw Poetic, the duo of MC/lyricist Jason Moore and guitarist P-Fritz (aka Patrick Fritz), announce their new album, Away Back In, on Def Pressé. Following the “radically optimistic endeavors” (The FADER) and “spiritually attuned hip-hop” (Bandcamp) of Laminated Skies and the triple-album “magnum opus” (Jazziz) of Space Beyond The Solar System—both released in 2022— Away Back In is a transcendent musical fusion of hip-hop, jazz, and garage rock, underpinned by the adroit drum programming and production of frequent collaborator Damu the Fudgemunk. A fundamental creation by a group that enjoys a place outside of the spotlight but always in the consciousness of their listeners, Away Back In plays out as a conversation between old friends.

Hailing from the Northern Virginia / DC-metro area, Moore and Fritz have been collaborating on experimental hip-hop for the better part of two decades, first in the progressive hip-hop band Restoring Poetry in Music (RPM) and later in the acclaimed Rawkus-signed group, Panacea. Over the next several years, the two artists maintained a consistent friendship but it wasn’t until their collaborative album with Archie Shepp, 2021’s widely-praised Ocean Bridges, that they rediscovered their extraordinary chemistry and ability to fill a musical niche. By 2022, they had once again tapped into an invigorating creative workflow, yielding the aforementioned double release of Laminated Skies and Space Beyond the Solar System.

With no signs of slowing down, Away Back In emerges. Moore’s ability to melodically narrate everyday life in the kaleidoscope of the modern world is uniquely matched by Fritz's consistent ability to supply the musical landscapes for this storytelling. Lyrics are seamlessly sung and spoken, taking listeners on a dark and mellifluous journey. Lead single “Ease Side” reignites and re-energizes the jazz elements of the duo’s recent work: P-Fritz’s smooth guitar riffs and bass lines lay the foundation for Raw Poetic to dissect the emotions of a worry-free relationship. In "Bird's Eye," an exploration of the chaos throughout the end of time, the guitars overdrive, creating a haunting echo, a contrasting mood to the album’s opening track. “Sometime After Midnight” questions the definition of racism in America.

Despite the density of the album’s themes, hope springs eternal in songs like the playful “The Dankish,” along with the album’s titular track, “A Way Back In,” a celebration of the long, journeyed history and friendship of Moore and Fritz. “Human Kindness” closes Away Back In with an unlikely marriage of folk-style guitar and hip-hop, providing the listener with a stunning optimistic look on human nature.

Progressive and filled with soul, Away Back In is unlike any other.


  1. Ease Side
  2. Numb
  3. Bird’s Eye
  4. Sometime After Midnight
  5. The Dank-Ish
  6. Rehab
  7. The Speed Of Power
  8. Pull Over
  9. When The Mind Goes
  10. A Way Back In
  11. Human Kindness


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