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Bacdafucup (LP)*

Bacdafucup (LP)


Debut from the original grimy crew Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz, Suavé (also known as Sonny Seeza), and the late Big DS along with producer Chyskillz. 

"While we were recording the album, ni**as was on LSD the whole time, straight up. We was dropping papers, taking meth tabs, during that whole album. That's just the creative side of making music. We were like Jimi Hendrix. And that's partially what kept our energy going at that high level. We had that battery pack. LSD was our secret weapon. It kept us creative." -Fredro Starr 


A1     Bacdafucup
A2     Bichasniguz
A3     Throw Ya Gunz
A4     Here 'N' Now     
A5     Bust Dat Ass     
A6     Atak Of Da Bal-Hedz
A7     Da Mad Face Invasion
A8     Blac Vagina Finda
A9     Da Bounca Nigga     
A10     Nigga Bridges
B1     Onyx Is Here
B2     Slam     
B3     Stik 'N' Muve
B4     Bichasbootleguz
B5     Shifftee     
B6     Phat ('N' All Dat)     
B7     Da Nex Niguz
B8     Getdafucout
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  • Bacdafucup (LP)*


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