Beautiful Payne Vol. 4 (CD)

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RJ’s career took off while performing under the name Reign Man. He was selected as a finalist for MTV’s Making The Band 2 by P Diddy, and six months later won the MTV MC Battle, landing him a deal with Def Jam Records. Due to unexpected events involving the firing of then Def Jam President, Kevin Liles, Reign Man’s music was unfortunately shelved.  Back in Philly, Reign Man linked with Reed Dollaz and joined Top Klass, the city’s largest independent label. He was an integral part of the battle rap DVD era and had a cult following on the internet. His last battle was in 2015 where he won against URLS Ty Law.  Reign Man decided to drop the stage name and start recording music under his real name – RJ Payne. He released seven albums in 2017 under Educated Ignorance Music Group. Four albums were tributes to the late rappers, Big L, Big Pun, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, and Sean Price with all of the beats completely reproduced by PA Dre.

He has continued on his relentless grind dropping dope project after dope project, and once again teams with Memphis born/Erie raised producer PA Dre for Beautiful Payne 4.

These days, the rapper has been leaning toward more songwriting than battle bars through his Beautiful Payne EPs. BP4 sheds more light on Payne's personal life and musical journey. From honoring his late mother on "Momma I Made It" to fighting the thought of having a child in today's world on "The Curse," the indie artist offers transparency over light-hearted soulful production that gives him room to speak, but keeps listeners nodding their heads. In just nine tracks and two artist features (King Iso and Buffalo's own L Biz), you're taken on a wild ride through elaborate storytelling with countless gems to take heed of. The project allows Payne's words to resonate until the very end. It's safe to say that RJ Payne and PA. Dre have created an undeniable experience for all of us to enjoy.


  1. Beautiful Intro (feat. Cee Brown)
  2. Momma I Made It
  3. Tough Love
  4. The Curse
  5. What Comes With It
  6. Its Only Right
  7. The Secret
  8. Selfish
  9. The JOURNEY (feat. KING ISO & L. BIZ)



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