Big Time: 25th Anniversary Edition (Colored 2xLP)

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Super Limited stock available of this Double Splatter Vinyl!

Another Ultra classic back on wax from Threshold Recordings! Each disc has it’s own unique color scheme as the pair are housed in a high quality matte finish jacket.

The scene it set: It’s 1994 and the Ultramagnetic Mc’s have disbanded. Kool Keith inscribes KutMasta Kurt to lead production for his solo career and the duo relocate to Los Angeles. The following year Tim Dog (considered the “Fifth member of the Ultramagnetic MC’s”) relocates to LA and the trio inevitably jump in the studio…The chemistry is reactive! Ultra was selected as the group name for this truncated incarnation, and the album receives critical acclaim from press and fans alike. KutMasta Kurt (up and coming and making his mark in hip-hop) on the beats with Keith and Tim in their primes - bring us 90s classic not to be slept on!



A1 Selling My Dat's (Intro)
A2 Super Luv
A3 Nyc Street Corner Battle
A4 Big Time
B1 Bitin' My Space Shit (Skit)
B2 Get Off The Dick
B3 Who Rocks?
B4 Peeping Tom (Skit)
B5 Private Eyes
C1 The Industry Is Wack
C2 Moving Out The Projects? (Skit)
C3 Keep It Real...Represent (Full Original Version Previously Unreleased)
C4 Ain't Nobody Happenin' Feat. Motion Man
D1 Fat Lady
D2 Visit To The Zoo (Skit)
D3 Bizarre
D4 No Faces
D5 To The Real Ultra Fans (Outro)



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