Big Turks Redux (CD)

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BIG TURKS is Rome Streets, Jamal Gasol, Lord Juco, Ro Data, Jordan Commandeur, and Jonny Botsch. The group's self-titled concept album dropped almost exactly a year ago and was praised as Album of the Year by many.

"BIG TURKS REDUX" collects remixes that were exclusive to the CD release of "BIG
TURKS" and the "Director's Cut" vinyl, as well as new remixes by Mr. Green, Hobgoblin, Observe Since 98, and MichaelAngelo.

To reinforce the Turkish theme, the group invited Turk producer SMEK to remix "Leave It To The Turks," while Observe Since 98 and Halal Cool J (aka Don Leisure) both used Turkish samples for their respective remixes.

Tracks 2 & 5 Mixed & Mastered By Ro Data
Executive Produced by Jordan Commandeur
Album Art By Jonny Botsch


1. Son of Solomon (ft. Flee Lord) (Ro Data Remix)
2. Lionman (ft. Chong Wizard & Solomon Childs) (Halal Cool J Remix)
3. Turkish Delight (ft. Planet Asia) (Hobgoblin Remix)
4. The Island of Princes (ft. O The Great) (MichaelAngelo Remix)
5. Interlüd II
6. Seven (ft. Rim Da Villin) (Mr. Green Remix)
7. Persian Carpet (ft. Supreme Cerebral & Chong Wizard) (Observe Since 98 Remix)
8. Leave It To The Turks (S.M.E.K. Remix)
9. Turkish Delight (ft. Planet Asia & Chris Crack) (Vocal Remix) [Bonus Track]


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