Black Orckid (LP)

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Restored/remastered transfer and never-before-heard demos. Extensive booklet contains dozens of unpublished photos and images and a thorough investigation into this exceedingly rare artifact. Psychedelic rock record collectors have been repeating the name Heitkotter as if it were a mantra ever since the first copy of a hand-made demo LP turned up in a Los Angeles music publisher’s reject bin, with nothing more than that word scrawled across a plain white jacket (see it in the photos below). The world has never heard something like Heitkotter – it is a unique piece of art unlike anything that came before or has come after it. Now-Again Records embarked some years ago to find out more about this Heitkotter, his music, his story. In the process, visited the house where his album was recorded, found his musicians, rescued the demo-recordings that paved the way for this album, uncovered unpublished photos and paintings by the man behind the visionary album.


A1 Hangin All Night 
A2 I Don't Mind 
A3 Quaker Dog Got Away 
B1 Cadillac Woman 
B2 Fly Over The Moon 
B3 Untitled 


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