Borgata (10") (Black Vinyl Version)

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It’s safe to say that Rochester, NY rapper of Italian descent Pounds’ work ethic is unmatched: he’s constantly on the grind, loud in the lab but quiet on the outside, he
wastes no time unlike many other big mouthed rappers these days and then, all of a sudden, he drops a bomb on you.

To kick off 2018 in the best of ways, he released a 4-tracks collaboration EP with West Coast producer , 1/2 of Gangrene, Oh No entitled “Borgata”. The record opens up with “Last Supper” and with a clear statement of intent: “Run for your life, my cousin brought a drum and a knife, break my hand on your face I need a bucket of ice” just so you understand where this project is headed since the first song. His style is always direct, without any frills, with his trademark voice spitting gritty crime-themed bars that revolve around drug and the street life that raised him. A “borgata” in Italy is a “hood”, and Pounds, being the definition of an artist that talks the talk and walks the walk, couldn’t pick a better title for this project.


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