Disco Juice (12")

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Produced by the legendary Patrick Adams, the studio-bound disco unit Cloud One made its debut in 1976 with the spectacular Atmosphere Strut and throughout the seventies, became the centerpiece for Queen Constance, Golden Flamingo, Heavenly Star, and Sound of New York, all labels ran by Peter Brown & Patricia Gilyard. At a time when most music was recorded with a full army of studio musicians, Cloud One records were mostly played, arranged and mixed in their entirety by Patrick Adams himself!!! The ability to "work on his own" allowed the music to feel more experimental than the work he did on major labels at the time. Released in 1977 Disco Juice is probably P&P’s best-known cut and for good reason. All the elements are there; a catchy melody reinforced by Venus Dodson's vocals, a driving bass line, an accentuated piano and of course the signature Patrick Adams Synth Strings unifying the whole composition and creating a delirious and hypnotic effect. It's no surprise this Record has been a point of reference to many house music producers, and sampled famously by artists like Norman Cook and Paul Johnson. From the Streets of Harlem to the beaches of Ibiza, 38 years later this juice keeps aging like a fine wine.


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