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Moonshine Chemist (LP)

Moonshine Chemist (LP)

Daniel Son x Crate Divizion

First ever collaboration by Daniel Son and the Crate Divizion squad, featuring productions by Giallo Point, Vic Grimes and Phybaoptikz.

Featuring exclusive revisited vinyl artwork by Roman tattoo artist Claudio Scialabba.

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of its release, we are bringing to wax the first ever collaboration by Canadian MC Daniel Son and the producers crew Crate Divizion. Entirely produced by Giallo Point, Vic Grimes and Phybaoptikz, these tracks showcase the birth of a trademark sound by a crew of people that’s highly contributed to the renaissance of grimy hip-hop at its best.

1. Henny Noire
2. Almond Butter
3. Smell The Fumes
4. Escarole
5. Get Away Music
6. Trouble Times
7. Son Showers

  • $30.00

  • Moonshine Chemist (LP)


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