Da Ol' Jersey Bastard (the Definitive Version) (LP)

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Rough, rugged and raw. Nothing better describes one's listening experience when they first heard Tame One & Parallel Thoughts, "Ol Jersey Bastard". It was 15 years ago when Tame One came to "The Paradigm", the recording studio of Freehold's own Parallel Thought. One session turned into two, then quickly turned into three, resulting in a twice-weekly recording ritual that spanned three years. This ritual would give birth not only to this album, but three (Acid Tab Vocab & Parallel Uni-Verses w/ Del Tha Funky Homosapien) instilling a lifelong creative partnership. But let's focus on "Ol Jersey Bastard," Tame One's homage to the almighty and original OL Dirty Bastard. It was not the cleanest record to listen to, but it was true to Tame One's style and vision. He was not constrained by working with a group or having to answer to a label. As a side note, Amalgam Digital, the joke of a label who originally released this album wouldn't let us follow through with our original artwork concept. So the new cover and layout created by close friend Michael Interrante is Tame's original concept. We also were able to include original scans of unseen artwork, tags & lyrics from Tames archive. This was unfiltered raw hip-hop, showcasing Tame One's unparalleled ability on the mic. Sometimes that called for no hook or maybe a 54 bar verse, traditional song structures were out the window. That being said, coming back to this album all these years later as producers, we wanted to elevate the album's listening experience. We cleaned up the mixes, so you might notice Tame sounds a little clearer, or those beats might knock a bit louder. It was what was needed to further elevate the music while not compromising our and Tame's vision. Further demonstrating that music is a living, breathing piece of art. Always able to evolve.


1 Da Ol'jersey Bastard
2 Action Word
3 Against Da Grain
4 Move
5 Haha Da Rahrah (Fest Sean Price)
6 J Dilla Summercamp Unplugged
7 Milk of Magnesia
8 Catch Me (Feat Del the Funky Homosapien)
9 Supernatural
10 For You
11 The Night Cap


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