Deutsche Marks 3 (Cassette)

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V Don and Willie The Kid are back at it with the 3rd chapter of their "Deutsche Marks" saga, and just like with any of their prior releases they bring their offering to the next level. Throughout the years the two have masterfully crafted their own sound as a duo, with V Don showcasing some of the highest quality productions in the game right now and Willie The Kid seamless delivery perfectly riding along with it. DM3 featuring guest appearances by longtime collaborator Eto as well as Rome Streetz, Ransom, Lord Apex and Abe Linx, and is set to be yet another classic in their catalog!


1. Great Times
2. Triple Double
3. Heather Grey 2 (feat. Eto)
4. But Of Course (feat. Ransom)
5. How My People Feel
6. Keep Counting (feat. Abe Linx)
7. VW Interlude
8. Spiel
9. 1000 Eyes
10. Soul March (feat. Lord Apex)
11. Gallery (feat. Rome Streetz)
12. The Drop



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