Dolemite For President (LP)

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You might think that a certain bad-hair-having, shit-talking presidential candidate is obnoxious, but theres one man who would definitely be more dangerous in the White House: Dolemite.

Originally released in 1972 in the middle of the disaster now known as the Nixon Years, the album is filled to the brim with Moores bawdy but debatably insightful takes on politics, sex and American society, funneled through the lens of his most famous persona, Dolemite. As it warns on the cover: Rated XXX: For Adults Only. And they arent kidding.

The albums lengthy first cut, Campaign Speech, is worth the price of admission alone. Ranting for ten minutes straight, Moore lets it all hang out, with every bit of profanity he can muster. Its certainly interesting to hear some of his words more than four decades later. Im not promising you a chicken in every pot, he bellows, in his trademark raspy scowl. Im not promising you a God-damn thing. If I am elected, I promise to legalize prostitution, marijuana, stealing, and every other motherfuckin thing you want to do. Making fun of Nixon, George McGovern and Spiro Agnew, he continues, Were still waiting for that 40 acres and that motherfucking mule.

Towards the end, he brings forth a metaphor that, interestingly, would come true in the year of Moores passing, 2008: The next thing Ima do, Im gonna move on my first act. Im gonna get me 2,000 raggedy-ass painters, and paint the motherfucking White House black!

Released on black vinyl with its eye-catching original front and back artwork, its a great way to relive the comedic bravery and brashness of a truly unique man, Rudy Ray Moore.


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