Doom 25 Year Anniversary (2xLP)

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Originally released on September 23 of 1997, Doom was an important springboard for the careers of Talib Kweli, DJ Hi-Tek, Sunz of Man and Lone Catalysts. The 18 track LP is an artistically experimental album marked by stand out production and lyricism that remains on-point throughout. Cincinnati rappers Main Flow and Donte kick apocalyptic rhymes that cite sacred scripture, ancient history, and politics. Both their rhyme schemes and chemistry are strong and prove to be equally compatible with DJ Hi-Tek, who made his production debut on this record, composing nine of the album's 18 tracks, with newcomer Jahson handling the remaining production. Similar to the lyrical pairing, the production duo of Hi-Tek and Jahson are well matched, as they add a sense of darkness and mystery that shrouds the sonic backdrop throughout the album. Doom is lyrically and sonically an outstanding body of work that stands out as one of the more noteworthy indie rap titles of '97. In celebration of the 25 year anniversary milestone, this reissue comes equipped with remixes, including the J Dilla Remix for "Secrets of the Sand" which was never before featured on any previous album represses or reissues.


A1 Esoteric Manuscripts
A2 Info For The Streets
A3 He Is DJ Hi-Tek
A4 Karma
A5 The Vision
B1 Tunnel Bound
B2 Nuclear Hip-Hop
B3 Another Day
B4 Sacred - Pt.1
C1 Peddlers Of Doom
C2 Millennium
C3 Babylon The Great
C4 Peace Infinity
C5 Secrets Of The Sand
D1 Illuminated Sunlight
D2 Industry Lies
D3 No Ordinary Brother
D4 Cincinnati


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