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Following last year's highly acclaimed "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth", Spanish Harlem MC and Fat Joe affiliate UFO Fev is back with a brand new project teaming up with DJ J Hart to bring you "EMIGRES":


A person who has left their own country to settle in another. This defines DJ J Hart, a French native who left his homeland in search of the purest form of hip hop NYC has to offer. After packing his equipment & hitting the road, Hart's journey led him to Spanish Harlem, NYC. Home of your favorite rappers favorite rapper, UFO Fev. As Fat Joe would describe him, the spanish Nas. UFO Fev has been bubbling up the ranks as an emcee, now linking with J Hart to craft a fresh raw sound that captures the heartbeat of the underground as well as hints of Fev's charisma with cuts like, "Mr.Officer" & "Running It". Pro Era alumni C.J. Fly joins UFO Fev for "Sunrise", for purists and casual fans alike Émigrés is a body of work all will enjoy.

A1. Emigres En El Barrio
A2. Flow Thug & Harmony
A3. Running It
A4. Big Ufo

B1. Mister Officer
B2. Jilly From Philly
B3. Sunrise (feat. CJ Fly, Red Inf & Zandra Kaye)


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