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Get On Down Presents : Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) complete album on 7 inch for the first time ever housed in a deluxe casebook created in full collaboration with The RZA.

• The groups classic (November) 1993 debut album is presented as a set of six 7-Inch vinyl records (with a bonus seventh 7-Inch, see below)
• The entire set is housed in a premium leatherette outer slipcase
• Outer slipcase holds the unique hardcover Casebook, with six 7-inches as book pages, in addition to liner notes book (see below)
• Packaging also houses two custom Wu-Tang Logo 45 adapters
• BONUS 7-INCH: Protect Ya Neck (Bloody Version) / Tearz [aka After The Laughter Comes Tears (Same A- and B-Side as original first self-released single, with recreation of original Sony picture black-on-white sleeve graphics)
• Casebook features a 56-page in-depth liner notes book (aka The Shaolinthology), with new RZA input / interviews, extensive research by journalist Chris Faraone, album lyrics, rarely-seen photos and other rare images from the Enter The Wu-Tang era

This absolutely unique, deluxe edition of this classic album – which has been created in full collaboration with The RZA – is presented as a Casebook hardcover book, which houses the albums 12 full songs that are divided into six 7-Inches. And beyond the 56-page liner notes, six additional pages have a Wu-Tang logo picture sleeve in which to put the vinyl. A bonus 7-Inch, Protect Ya Neck / Tearz is housed on the exterior of the outer leatherette slipcase, in its own picture sleeve.

Besides the vinyl, the centerpiece of the Casebook is a 56-page Shaolinology book, featuring input by RZA, written by journalist Chris Faraone. Beyond many never-before-discussed Wu-Tang nuggets, the book also includes rare photos of the group, lyrics for all album songs, as well as other images and advertisements from the Enter The Wu-Tang era.

If you are a Wu-Tang Clan fan – and what self-respecting hip-hop junkie isnt? – this is a trophy that you will be proud to have on your shelf, to celebrate the influence of one of musics most influential groups.


1A: Bring Da Ruckus
1B: Shame On A Nigga

2A: Clan In The Front
2B: Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber

3A: Can It All Be So Simple / Intermission
3B: Da Mystery Of Chessboxin

4A: Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nothing Ta F Wit
4B: C.R.E.A.M.

5A: Method Man
5B: Protect Ya Neck

6A: Tearz
6B: Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber – Part II / Conclusion


7A: Protect Ya Neck (Bloody Version)
7B: Tearz [aka After The Laughter Comes Tears]


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