Family Jewels (CD)

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Knowledge The Pirate is back! Roc Marci’s righthand man has been quietly building
another masterpiece and as usual he’s kept his circle small.

The album is fully produced by Pirate’s regular collaborator E.L.E.M.N.T. and noted Italian producer and Tuff Kong Records co-founder Cuns. There is no features on this project because Knowledge The Pirate felt the need to keep the spotlight firmly focused on himself this time around.

The new full-length is titled “Family Jewels” and is based on the Black Madonna and
Jesus’ bloodline. Of course, the record is still that hardcore Street Hop fans have come to
expect from Pirate, but it’s also a little deeper than that. The first leak from the album, “Oni Experience,” finds Knowledge utilizing a conversational flow to drop mad jewels about street life, while the second leak, “Red Beam,” is some genuine weigh-tmoving music.


1. Chapo (prod. Cuns)
2. Pirate Salute (prod. E.L.E.M.N.T.)
3. Palermo (prod. Cuns)
4. Red Beam (prod. E.L.E.M.N.T.)
5. Oni Experience (prod. Cuns)
6. Keep Pushing (prod. E.L.E.M.N.T.)
7. UG King (prod. E.L.E.M.N.T.)
8. Valachi Papers (prod. Cuns)


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