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Fiato Sul Collo (LP)

Fiato Sul Collo (LP)

General Back Pain + Cuns

General Back Pain and Cuns team up for a brand new collaboration EP entitled “Fiato Sul Collo”, which is the Italian for breathing down someone's neck applying pressure, and that’s exactly what the two are doing on this project. Inglewood’s native deep voice and violent lyricism blends in perfectly with Cuns distinctive soundscape. They have recruited Home Team affiliates Lupus Dei and Killy Shoot and Da Cloth’s Maverick Montana to deliver some ill bars as well as cuts by DJ TMB and Dee Jay Park.


A1. Steak Intro
A2. Bar Tactician
A3. Little Dudes
A4. Villains (feat. MAV & DJ TMB)
A5. Journeys (feat. Lupus Dei & Killy Shoot)
A6. Lavish (feat. Dee Jay Park)
A7. Steak Outro

B1. Steak Intro (Instrumental)
B2. Bar Tactician (Instrumental)
B3. Little Dudes (Instrumental)
B4. Villains (Instrumental)
B5. Journeys (Instrumental)
B6. Lavish (Instrumental)
B7. Steak Outro (Instrumental)

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  • Fiato Sul Collo (LP)


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