Forever Queens (LP)

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From opposite sides of the world Starvin B & Discourse come together to create an album that’s both new and traditional. A beautifully constructed soundscape that pays homage to traditions of hip hop but also takes it to new places. Both coming from two cultural melting pots that are Queens, NY and Melbourne, Australia, the two created a musical chemistry that resulted in them working together on many projects. “Forever Queens” is the result of a journey that started on tour in Australia in 2016 and finished in Sunnyside Queens in 2019. Not just a physical journey, but musical, cultural and nostalgic one too. A true collaboration. The two recruited a veteran lineup of New York MCs to join them on the album, including AG and Milano Constantine of DITC, Agallah & long time collaborator Foul Monday. It also features the musical talents of Plutonic Lab, Zima Locke and Discourse’s brother George Johnson. The songs are progressive and moody, featuring rich instrumentation and arrangements. A blend of two diverse cultures and individuals. The lush soundscape is a reflection of their journey and is accompanied by an equally cinematic video for the title track “Forever Queens” featuring the Queens songstress Chinky QB.

1. Forever Queens
2. Caskets (feat. Foul Monday)
3. Trust the Ink (feat. Milano & AG)
4. Value of Us (feat. Zima Locke)
5. Like How (feat. Foul Monday)
6. Shark Tank
7. Stovetop (feat. Milano, Foul Monday & Agallah)
8. Pick Your Poison
9. On the Loose
10. Just Add Water


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