Get In Where You Fit In (CD)

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Too $hort's 8th studio album released in 1993. Production was handled by Ant Banks and The Dangerous Crew which featured live instrumentation, incorporated P-Funk samples and G-Funk synths. The lead single "I'm a Player" sampled Bootsy Collins funky bass of Hollywood Squares and Quincy Jones' son QDIII produced the epic Bay Area G-Funk laden classic track "Just Another Day". And it wouldn't be a Too $hort record without some pimp and sex tales like "Blow Job Betty", "All My Bitches Are Gone" and the upbeat "Gotta Get Some Lovin". Bay Area legends Spice 1, Ant Banks, and Mhisani aka Goldy join in on the posse cut "The Dangerous Crew" followed by a track with more Bay Area legends Rappin' Ron and Ant Diddley Dog dissin' ex-Dangerous Crew member MC Pooh on the title track.


1 Don't Fight the Intro
2 I'm a Player
3 Just Another Day
4 Gotta Get Some Lovin'
5 Money in the the Ghetto
6 Blow Job Betty
7 All My B$#$%* Are Gone
8 The Dangerous Crew
9 Get in Where You Fit in
10 Playboy $Hort
11 Way Too Real
12 It's All Good
13 Oakland Style


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